• A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • A giant stone face at The Bayon temple in Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Travel provisions for Jelling Jagtrejser & Scotsport

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Any oral or written booking of a travel arrangement at Jelling Hunting Tours (JHT) / Scotsport (SC) is legally binding.
Where nothing else is designated in the offer material or contracts, cancellation can only take place according to the following guidelines:
When cancelling earlier than 8 weeks before the departure date - payment of 50 % of the price of the tour per hunter is demanded. At cancellation later than 8 weeks before the departure date, the tour is paid in full.
Full price is paid for any plane tickets, accommodation and meals for non-hunting companions.
There are special cancellation rules for plane tickets for which the travellers are personally responsible, the regulations may vary from one airline to another - any already issued and named tickets are NON-refundable.
At cancellation later than 8 weeks prior to the departure date the entire tour is due for payment. The liability includes minimum price of reserved no. of game.
In some instances is necessary to book certain hunting preserves in a fixed manner, making cancellation impossible – this applies to e.g. the UK, Spain, North America and Asia + a few other specific destinations.
The same applies in instances where JJR/SC are otherwise obligated to a third party to ensure the completion of the tour.
In these cases, the Danish Act of Package Tours § 9, paragraph 1, is dispensed with, in that cancellation cannot take place.
In such an event, JJR/&SC will endeavour to limit the customer's loss by attempting to sell the tour to another party, however, JJR/SC cannot be held responsible, if this is not possible. In certain circumstances, the individual hunting preserves enforce more rigorous cancellation terms than JJR/SC – in these cases, those terms apply.

JHT /SC act as agents for hunting preserves, hotels, transportation companies etc., and cannot be held responsible for changes, delays, cancellations or other conditions that are due to suddenly occurring discharge opportunities, breach of contract, weather conditions, force majeure or other circumstances that JJR/SC has no control over. In so far as JJR/SC's liability in damages according to international conventions can be legally limited, such limitations will be applied. In advance, JJR/SC will inform about the individual country's/hunting preserves' terms and conditions, as being applicable. JJR/SC cannot change these – see also other sections in these conditions.

Various airlines enforce different regulations regarding the handling of weapons and trophies. It is the individual traveller's responsibility to check for weight limitations, any payment of ground handling fees and other fees connected with the transportation of weapons on air planes. Presently (Dec. 2012), many airline companies have introduced a ground handling fee to carry hunting weapons – This fee is entirely beyond JHT /SC's influence, thus we cannot pre-pay such fees. The fees are collected directly in the airports at check-in – the price indication is from € 50 to € 120. We are not 100 % familiar with the size of the amount, and the settlement method varies from time to time and from airline to airline as well as from airport to airport, foreign and domestic.
The standard luggage weight is 20 kilos – applicable for the total luggage amount including weapons, unless otherwise indicated. Weight exceeding 20 kilos must be settled in the airports as over-weight and is paid directly to the airline or the airport.
In most instances, the weight is informed of on the issued e-ticket, forwarded by us. Should this e-ticket be lost, your passport is serves as a fully valid travel document, once you are booked into the system.

It is your responsibility to ensure, that your name is correctly stated, spelled and registered on your plane ticket, matching the name in your passport exactly. It is your responsibility to check if the information in both your personal passport, your EU weapons passport and your Danish firearms certificate is completed correctly and that it is valid at the beginning of your trip. In relation to your trip, it is your responsibility to check that all information regarding weapons numbers are correctly indicated in your Danish firearms certificate, EU weapons passport and any firearms certificates issued abroad. Likewise, you are solely responsible for the validity and expiry date of your personal paperwork. If you are travelling to a country that demands an entry or visit visa, you are solely responsible for ensuring that any such requirements are met and handled. 

When booking prior to 8 weeks before departure, 50 % of the trip's price is paid at the time of booking. The remaining amount is paid no later than 50 days prior to departure. When booking later than 8 weeks before departure, the trip is paid in full at the time of booking. A final settlement of any not pre-paid trophies etc. or return payment will take place after your return, between 1 to approx. 8 weeks from JJR/SC's receipt of the final tally from the hunting preserve/destination. Any payments are net cash at receipt.

In case of a return payment, the hunting guest is required to provide bank and account number, after which the return payment is made within 8 days of our receipt of the account number.

We make reservations for changes in prices caused by government interventions, fluctuations in exchange rates, externally imposed price increases or any and all other conditions, which JJR/SC have no control over.
We make reservations for printing errors in offers/descriptive material and any invoices.
It is solely the customer's responsibility to familiarise him/herself with these regulations as soon as they are included in connection with the forwarding of a travel document – they are likewise accessible at our website.

Please note that since 1 January 2008, the Danish yellow medical card no longer covers transport home from countries outside Scandinavia. Gouda's Travel Insurance covers among others illness, accidents, transport home, responsibility, theft and plane delays. This type of insurance is available in many different combinations. For further information
on conditions and prices, please contact JJR/SC. We recommend that you take out a cancellation insurance, which is 6 % of the trip's price excluding any pre-ordered trophies. The insurance covers in case any injury makes it impossible for the hunter to participate in the hunt. 
A cancellation insurance can always be taken out when booking the trip. As a rule, weapons and other equipment are covered by your private home or family insurance. Please enquire at your own insurance company. All insurances can be taken out through JHT /SC.
Private liability- In countries, where it is not possible to take out a hunting licence including liability insurance or other liability insurance in connection with hunting, your personal liability insurance will serve as coverage (home or family insurance) – it is a prerequisite that it is not possible to take out another insurance at the hunting destination.

Many hunting tours are carried out in primitive conditions - in wildernesses and remote areas, in countries that have relatively limited health services. It is your responsibility to ensure, that your are able to complete the trip. Although JJR/SC can assist with information, it is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with the recommendations and demands for vaccines etc. for the countries, you are travelling to. Always consult your general practitioner no later than 8 weeks prior to departure, to ensure that any necessary vaccines can be administered before the trip commences.

Please note that when hunting abroad - you are moving in unfamiliar territory. Steep slopes, loose rocks, bugs of all kinds and changing weather conditions may arise.  In other words: "It may not be entirely without hazards". You may experience that our cooperation partners inform you that what you are embarking on is at your own risk - it is to be expected that something might go wrong. Some of our cooperation partners may ask you to sign a document to this effect - others will, as we do, acquaint you with the facts. We cannot be held responsible in case you fall, get injured, need immediate medical assistance or similar. You alone are responsible for your own life and health.

You must hold a valid Danish hunting licence, if you wish to hunt abroad. This is a requirement in most countries (but not all). The Danish hunting licence has an associated liability insurance covering insurance measures in connection with hunting in Europe - but your Danish hunting licence does not encompass insurance coverage outside Europe.
Private liability - In countries, where it is not possible to take out a hunting licence that includes a liability insurance or other insurance connected to the hunt, your personal liability insurance will cover you (home or family insurance) – this entails that it is not possible to take out another insurance in the hunting destination.

If problems arise CALL HOME as soon as the problem arises,
enabling us to take immediate action and possibly change
any unwanted conditions.
Once the trip is finished and you have gone home, we cannot change anything.
Complaints must be stated immediately on the spot and communicated to JJR/SC at +45 22 10 80 60 or via fax +45 75 87 28 44 or email kasper@jellingrejser.dk , and we will react immediately to the situation, attempt to solve the dispute or change, what you are not satisfied with. Once you return home, this is no longer a possibility!

Hunting in Poland is finished by drawing up the hunting protocol, which is signed by the hunter. JJR encourages the individual hunter to attend the measuring/weighing of trophies. It is not possible for JJR/SC to correct or object to conditions that are not included in the protocol. With his/her signature, the hunting guest is personally liable for the information included in the protocol, such as assignment of single rooms, woundings, etc. You are welcome to write comments in English in the protocol, the language is not significant. As soon as the hunting guest has signed the document, what is registered in the protocol stands. It is a fact that the Polish trophies will lose weight after dispatch, as they are never completely dry at the weigh-in – there is nothing we can do to prevent this problem, other than state that it is so. It is likely that they will lose as much as 10 - 15 % of the weighed weight within the first 4 weeks of the return.

Trophy fees in the individual countries and tours are quoted in various currencies. This is an expression of, what currency the trophy fee must be paid in, regardless of how the tour is otherwise paid. In most cases, only the horns and teeth are part of the trophy. If a hunting guest wishes to purchase the skin and/or meat from e.g. Poland, the guest will be charged the amount by JJR/SC.  However, we call your attention to the fact that import of untreated skin and meat is not permitted without 
the approval of your Chief Veterinary Officer. It is the individual hunter's responsibility to apply for such permission.

JJR/SC cannot be held responsible for the agreements you single-handedly make with outfitters and taxidermists abroad or in Denmark - this applies both to the execution, the quality of the professional work and the shipping of the trophies. JJR/SC is not contractually or financially bound to certain taxidermists and/or shipping companies and do not receive fees or remuneration for such services, therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any flaws, miscarriage, destruction or delays on trophies. Should any of our hunting guests desire our guidance, we are more than happy to oblige, without assuming responsibility.

Wounding an animal will always have consequences - the individual hunting preserves/countries' conditions and legislation will apply – as a main rule wounding game equals killing game - ask us!

For weapons that require a licence, you must have a possession and carry licence in Denmark if you wish to bring the weapon on a hunt abroad. As of 1 April 1995, you must possess an EU firearms passport, used for travelling between EU countries.
You must always bring your EU firearms passport when going on hunting tours even outside Europe.
The passport documents your ownership of your hunting weapon to the authorities in e.g. South Africa.

If a hunting guest leaves the hunting preserves before time, no kind of reimbursement will take place.

REMUNERATION - will not necessarily take place.
Please note that some hunting preserves do not remunerate, if they assess that the hunter was led to a fair shot opportunity. Whether the hunter takes this opportunity or not is left to the individual to decide.
In other words: If you shoot without making your mark, if you wound an animal at an acceptable shooting distance facing broadside/the blade - i.e. a fair opportunity - your rifle clicks, the shot is premature, or within a reasonable amount of time, you do not make a shot. Well, then your hunting guide can rightfully say that you had a fair opportunity but did not exploit it, and thus no remuneration will take place.

A few hunting countries (e.g. North America and Asia) do not remunerate for missed kills. In these cases, the payment is considered a coverage of the costs in relation to the hunt (stay and meals, horses, vehicles, licences, field preparations, hunting guides, etc.). The trophies are considered an extra bonus for the hunting guest on top of the experiences, you have paid for.

Sometimes, our hunting guests hunt in difficult climates, where weather conditions can cause the loss of one or more hunting days (owing to: storms, fog, rain, flooding, snow and sleet, etc.). This can lead to our hunting guests not being brought to a fair shooting opportunity – for which JJR/SC cannot be held responsible, and therefore remuneration will not take place in such instances, unless the hunting preserves is "generous" and decides to make a partial remuneration. We call attention to the fact that these conditions may especially occur while hunting in the UK in the fall and winter months.

JJR/SC arrange hunting experiences, not game and trophies. Weather, wind, your own skills as a hunter and other unpredictable conditions are vital factors that all affect the success of your hunting tour.

JJR/SC is associated with the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund through Jelling Rejser, Registration no. 1450. We are members of the "real travel appeals board”: "The Danish Travel Appeals Board" JJR is a member of Danske Jagtrejsearrangører (DJA - Danish Hunting Tour Operators) Registration no. 001.