Hunting in Argentina

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. The whole of the western part is occupied by the Andes, the longest continental mountain range on Earth. The country is made up of try savannah, lush river beds, gigantic agricultural areas with a vast variety of farming including almost all types of grain, sugar and enormous grazing areas for the famous Argentine cattle (the pampas). Patagonia in the south is characterised by a rough climate with glaciers, mountains and cold winters. World-class trophy carrying red deer roam these parts.

Jelling Hunting Tours offers hunting in all kinds of landscape, and what a hunt. With the world's most numerous concentration of birds to hunt and a healthy collection of extraordinarily strong, trophy carrying game species from the north to the south – in all we offer hunting of 15 different big game species. Most of the trophy carrying species were released in Argentina more than a hundred years ago. However, the biotopes were just right in composition and sustainability, enabling the game to stay and grow ever since. Today, the country offers some of the worlds finest fenced and free living trophy animals. To top this off, Argentina has an amazing pigeon population ranging in the thousands! If you are looking to loose a lot of shots, Argentina is the place for you. 

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Pigeon and trophy hunting in Argentina

In Argentina, Jelling Jagtrejser offers pigeon hunting, with thousands of pigeons, as well as trophy hunting, with large beautiful trophies!

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