Hunting in Spain

Spain is an excellent hunting country. The hunt is well organised and efficient.
Spain's nature may be most comparable to the highland areas found on the African continent. Our cooperation partners are located in the southern part of the country, where the reddish surface underlines beautiful sunsets above the rustic, torrid and magnificent mountain massifs.
The population is temperamental and result-oriented, which is reflected in the hunts.
Once things are humming, Spanish tradition hunting spring to life. Do not miss this hunting experience. Our Danish speaking guide Antonio Lopez will make your stay a pure delight.

Ibex hunting in Spain

Hunting ibex takes place in a grand and stunningly beautiful country. We hunt the beceites ibex, and of cource in areas without fences .

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Barbary sheep hunting in Spain

The trophies are representative in terms of size between 56 and 64 cm. The hunt is 100% comparable to the ibex hunt.

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