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Still hunting in Poland can really get your adrenaline pumping. This is a thrilling top-level hunt, hearing loud cries and dogs barking in the Polish fall and winter forests. Standing still at your post, waiting for your chance. Full thrill hunting!

The hunting societies are top-notch, and you make between 7-10 posts in a single hunting day. The ideal number of participants are 10-16 persons depending on the condition of the hunting preserves and the hunting infrastructure.

We can offer exactly the hunting preserves you are looking for and at the conditions that appeal to your group.

Once you have booked your tour with Jelling Hunting Tours, you will receive driving directions, enabling you to find the hunting preserves in Poland. Along with the driving instructions, we enclose a voucher that you must hand over to your hunting host.
The voucher explains to your hunting host, what tour you have bought and paid for with Jelling Hunting Tours.
At entry and exit from both German and Poland, you must be able to produce your EU weapons passport as well as your personal passport. 
You store your rifle and ammunition separately in a solid travel-case or suitcase as well as a lockable weapons case. Both rifle and ammunition must be presented upon request from the customs authorities when passing land borders.


 You will be lodged with your hunting host, at a small boarding house, a small hotel or a hunting lodge within the preserves, where you will be hunting. All preserves have an interpreter (English or German speaking) at your disposal, who will assist you with language and practicalities.

You will be accommodated in a twin bedroom with en suite shower and toilet, or access to shower and toilet on the same floor. If you desire a single room, expect to pay an additional charge according to the price list. At the lodgings you will find a small sitting room (usually equipped with a television, video and DVD) to spend your time, when you are not resting or hunting


Prices include:

  • 4 days stay
  • 3 whole hunting days
  • Interpreter
  • Lodgings in a twin room
  • All meals from arrival until breakfast on the day of departure
  • Polish hunting license
  • Organisation of hunt
  • All transportation within the hunting preserves
  • Shooting according to price list for national and society hunting preserves


Driven hunt at JG/Society hunting preserves

Price per hunter/lodgings category 1 from DKK e 5.950,-
Price per hunter/lodgings category S from DKK 6.800,-

Driven hunt at OHZ/National hunting preserves

Price per hunter/lodgings category 1 from DKK 7.500,-
Price per hunter/lodgings category S from DKK 8.800,-


It is possible to arrange a fixed price depending on further agreement!


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