Hunting in Hungary

Hungary is a relatively new acquaintance for most Danish hunters, but do not underestimate a hunting tour to this country.
The country has proud hunting traditions, which are similar to the Polish in many ways - a beautiful, lush and magnificent landscape with an unrivalled game population.

According to your shooting wishes, the landscape can be varied. You will find vast flat and lush farmland with versatile farming cultures, vast forests, rolling hillsides, valleys and meadows as far as the eye can see.

Hungary offers uncommonly good hunting organisation, skilful hunting guides and the opportunity to return with extremely powerful trophies. Add to this that Hungary has the market's highest success rate. This provides the opportunity to shoot both the common and the grand trophy - perhaps even the trophy of a lifetime. At first sight, the hospitality stands out when you meet your Hungarian hunting hosts. They strive to make your stay a success.

Bukkeparade, bukkejagt i Ungarn, Ungarn, jagt i Ungarn, Jelling Jagtrejser

Buck hunting in Hungary

We offer hunting preserves with an extremely healthy and strong roe deer population. Perhaps the buck of a lifetime is waiting for you there?

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Kronhjortejagt, Ungarn, Jagt i Ungarn, Jelling Jagtrejser

Red stag hunting in Hungary

The success rate of shooting deer is extremely high! We can almost guarantee that you shoot a deer of precisely the size you desire!

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Dåhjortejagt, Dåhjorte, Jagt i Ungarn, Ungarn, Jelling Jagtrejser

Fallow deer hunting in Hungary

We offer hunting preserves with supreme populations of fallow deer. A thrilling way to hunt, leaving you with beating heart and "deer fever".

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Vildsvin, grisejagt, jagt i Ungarn, Jelling Jagtrejser

Wild boar hunting in Hungary

Stalking in the evening often offers the opportunity to shoot wild boar. The hunts can be combined to your advantage.

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Muflon, muflonjagt i Ungarn, Jelling Jagtrejser

Muflon hunting in Hungary

We offer a particularly good hunting preserves located in the rolling landscape of north western Hungary, with a solid population of muflon.

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