Hunting in England

In England, hunting has always been a gentleman's sport, with traditions dating far back into history.
Until a few decades ago, hunting was reserved for the nobility and high society in England.

Today fortunately, the hunt is for the general public, although large parts of the hunting still takes place around splendid and magnificent estates and manors, bearing witness of the splendour of days gone by.
The country's strong traditions date back to its fantastic history, which all guests should respect!

In England, hunting remains to this day a gentleman's sport. Jelling Hunting Tours offers roe deer, fallow deer, muntjac, chinese waterdeer and pigeon hunting in England. Special about England is, that there is a good chance of shooting a big medal roe buck.


Buck hunting in England - Somerset

Usually, we do not venture into selling medal trophies, but in this case, we have to state that the possibility of a strong trophy is present.

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Buck hunting in England - West Sussex

With a short driving distance from Gatwick Airport West Sussex opens up new areas for magnificent roe deer hunt. Opportunity for big bucks.

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Buck hunting in England - Berwick-Upon-Tweed

A nice and beautifull area with a strong population of roe deer with really strong bucks. Here is certainly a good chance to shoot medal bucks.

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Muntjac and chinese waterdeer in England

Muntjac and chinese waterdeer hunt on great hunting areas located only ½ hour drive from Luton Airport.

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Pigeon shooting in England

Pigeon shooting in England at Ricky McMorn. Experience the Blue days with a large number of pigeons in the magnificent English terrains.

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Mixed winter hunt

Muntjac, chinese waterdeer, roe does and fallow does. All 4 species can be hunted in two areas. With unlimited fallow does and prickets.

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