Hunting in New Zealand

Experience days and nights in these natural surroundings - an unsurpassed starry sky, new to us Northeners, mountains, plants, tent and camping life in the steep landscape of New Zealand gives zest to your hunting life, making you live life to its fullest. The ancient hunting instincts deep in your soul are brought to life. The challenges are great, the experiences outstanding and there are few other places to find the like. Enjoy the thar or chamois' agile bounding across the mountainous landscape or follow the whitetail deer's majestic behaviour and rejoice that you are a hunter.

Jagt på New Zealand, Jagt i New Zealand, New Zealand, Jelling Jagtrejser

Plenty of possibilities!

New Zealand has it all! Breathtaking nature and a sublime, versatile game population are guaranteed to provide a once in a lifetime experience.

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