Hunting in Kyrgyzstan

No matter if you want to hunt ibex or marco polo, the hunt will take place as mentioned above - it is truly something to look forward to - a hunting experience of a lifetime. 

A hospitable and kind population awaits you, and skilful hunters will assist you in handling the horses. Your hunters are more than accomplished horsemen, and you will scale valleys and canyons, mountain tops and peaks in an almost virginal, breathtaking nature on the trusting horses. Without the horses, hunting in this country would be quite impossible. A strenuous, challenging hunting experience awaits, no matter if you are hunting for ibex or Marco Polo sheep. 

Jelling Jagtrejser, Kirgisistan, ibexjagt, Jagt i Asien

Hunting for ibex and marco polo sheep

The hunt is set in grand surroundings just a stones throw from the border to China It is a physically exhausting hunt, but worth all the effort!

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