Hunting in South Africa

The majority of hunters going to Africa begin their safari adventure in this magnificent hunting country. Once the safari has taken hold of you, it is as if you are drunk on love - you have to go back. The hunt and the game is spectacular, the nature indescribable and the hospitality outstanding.
We stake the claim that we hold some of the finest hunting on the market, with some of the best prices.

Jelling Hunting Tours offers no less thanĀ 4 very different destinations in South Africa, each with its own unique virtues. We offer big game hunting, antelope hunting and small game hunting with birds by the thousands.

Limpopo Province - Waterfall Lodge

Immerse yourself in South Africa, enjoying plenty of good hunting and excursion opportunitets right outside the door.

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Jelling Jagtrejser, kudu, Sydafrika

Limpopo Province - Sabudawn Safaris

Antelope, big game and warthog. This marvellous place is located in the centre of the bush, approx. 380 kilometres from Johannesburg.

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Greys Gift Lodge, Jelling Jagtrejser, Cape Town, Sydafrika, jagt i Sydafrika

Eastern Cape - Greys Gift Lodge

5-star lodge with a wonderful view and almost 10.000 acres of varied huntingareas with mountainous regions, open plains and bush.

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North West Province - Motswedi Safaris

Bird hunting and mixed basket At Motswedi Safari's hunting preserves you will find pigeons, guinea fowl, francolins, etc. in the thousands.

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