Hunting in Botswana

When you cross the Limpopo river and the border from South Africa into Botswana, it is as if you have been in a plane for quite a while. Nature changes and becomes more raw, rocky, rolling and uneven. The vegetation changes from the dominant acasia trees to the broad-leaved mopaini trees. The area that houses our two hunting preserves and lodgings are both located on the brink of the Limpopo river, showing off staggering beautiful sceneries

Look forward to visit Botswana - to the hunt and a different culture, different people - look forward to a beautiful country.

Vortesvin, Namibia, Jelling Jagtrejser, Jagt i Namibia

Sabudawn Safaris -Tuli Block

The moment you get to Botswana, you sense the hospitable population, different culture and the hunt; it is magnificent!

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